PgConf.US Partners with Techie Youth for Annual Charity Auction!

There are many PostgreSQL conference opportunities throughout North America and there are many reasons to attend all of them. There is only one reason you need to attend PgConf.US 2016 and it is not:

  • The amazing selection of content to chose from
  • The largest networking opportunities available from any PostgreSQL conference
  • Rubbing elbows with the who’s who of PostgreSQL
  • The dedication to diversity within the community
  • The best education opportunities within the PostgreSQL ecosystem

No, it is not any of those reasons. Although any of those reasons is reason enough to attend or sponsor PgConf.US, we have a better reason: Helping people. This year PgConf.US has partnered with TechieYouth for the PgConf.US charity auction.

“It has been a great honor for Techie Youth to work with the internationally respected PostgreSQL community in bringing technology to at-risk foster-youth in NYC. While most kids have a parent or two who can help them in their technology endeavors, or at least enroll them in a course, foster kids do not have permanent parents or family involved in their lives, and many have nobody to ask for things other kids take for granted – that is where Techie Youth steps in.” -- Eric David Benari, Founder, Techie Youth

So join us April 18th - 20th and be a part of something truly special. We will be auctioning an array of items at the 20th anniversary party of PostgreSQL (free to attend for all comers) and all proceeds go directly to this worthy organization and its attempts to help the future PostgreSQL developers of the United States!