PgUS Community Member Update 11/09:

JD wrote:

So what is going on and what has happened over the last year?

First and foremost, I should mention that PgUS is about to have an election for 3 board seats. The current nominees are:

Michael Brewer
Joshua Drake
Kevin Kempter
Bruce Momjian
Greg Smith

You need to be a Professional or Student Member to vote. In order to update your membership to a voting membership open your favorite web browser and go to:

Your membership dues allow you to serve on committee as well as help PgUS with various expenses from the CPA, the Attorney and of course supporting various community activities such as speakers. For information on our finances you can review our public financial statements which are located here:

Further with the success of the conference series and the generous membership dues, PgUS is now in a position to start providing grants to relevant PostgreSQL tasks. The first of which are going to be documentation grants.

The U.S. Conference Series held East and West 09. East 2010 is set to happen in late March or April. You can see slides and videos (still being uploaded) at: . The paid memberships and registrations to these conferences help generate more educational material for PostgreSQL than any other source.

PgUS has been doing lots of things over the last year:


* LinuxFest NW 2009 (Joshua Drake, presenting)
* LISA 2009 (Robert Treat, booth)
* OSCON 2009 (Robert Treat, presenting)
* OpenSource Bridge 2009 (Michael Brewer, presenting)
* Percona Performance Conf (Robert Treat, presenting)
* PgCON 2009 (Robert Treat, Bruce Momjian, presenting)
* PgDay San Jose (Robert Treat, presenting)
* 2009 (Joshua Drake, presenting)
* SELF 2009 (Michael Brewer, booth)


* Atlanta PUG: Michael Brewer
* Los Angeles PUG: Richard Broersma
* BW PUG: Robert Treat
* TriLug: Andrew Dunstan
* PDXDjango: Joshua D. Drake


* Summer 2009: Bruce Momjian taught at Drexel University
* Spring 2009: East 2009 at Drexel University
* Fall 2009: West 2009 at Seattle Central Community College

If you would like to continue supporting these efforts and the many efforts to come, we hope that you will do so by joining PgUS as a Professional or Student Member:

May the end of 2009 be a fruitful for everyone!