Member Expiry (did you know you are not a member?)

JD Wrote:

As most of you have seen at this point, United States PostgreSQL is about to have elections for three board seats. The seats are currently filled by myself (JD), Bruce Momjian and Michael Brewer. You can read more about the election here. In order to vote, you must be a current member of PgUS. Unfortunately we haven't been as good as we should be about communicating expiring memberships to people. Most of our original members became members at West 2008. The majority of those memberships have now lapsed.

If your membership has lapsed, it is time to re-up. PgUS is now in a financial position to release two grants. As I mentioned in the keynote at West 2009, both of these grants will be awarded just after the new year. In order to receive grants from PgUS, you must be a member. We also need your continued support in financially supporting the U.S. PostgreSQL Conference Series, helping speakers when presenting in locations that require financial sponsorship, and general overhead including financial and legal services.

Below is a list of usernames of current members. If you are not on this list, you are not a member. You can re-join PgUS here. Oh and before I get 700 emails pointing it out, yes my membership lapsed. It will be resolved by the end of the day.

artacus professional_member
Ashish student_member
avitous professional_member
brent_friedman professional_member
clydegoffe professional_member
dcolish professional_member
decibel professional_member
Downchuck professional_member
KarlenBailie professional_member
kerr23 professional_member
kevin professional_member
kkempter professional_member
korryd professional_member
lamar professional_member
linht professional_member
mateyuzo professional_member
mbrewer professional_member
mklose2 professional_member
modelright professional_member
MoonBeast professional_member
muzazzi professional_member
nightfox02 professional_member
oramon professional_member
piouschef professional_member
progerssb professional_member
rhenning professional_member
richard.broersma professional_member
stellr professional_member
vluc professional_member
WindowzDroolz professional_member
xaprb professional_member