Thanks for all the laughs 2008!

Joshua Drake wrote:

It is now 2009 and time for a, "Thanks for all the laughs 2008!"

2008 was the year that PgUS spent getting its feet under itself. We formed our board, filed all of our legally required paperwork, paid a lot of money to attorneys, held elections and even managed to have some fun by working on parts of our mission. Many goals for 2008 were met.

We have ensured that when the new board was seated the majority of our logistical infrastructure was in place. CPA, Legal, etc...

Our Attorney is:

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
1300 SW Fifth Avenue
Suite 2300
Portland, OR 97201

Our CPA is:

Alten Sakai & Company LLP
1815 SW Marlow Ave., Suite 218
Portland, OR 97225-5187

We have retained Alten Sakai for not only standard CPA activities but also book keeping and general accounting. The goal being that those focusing on the success of PgUS are not book keepers or accountants. PgUS will be able to focus on actually educating people on PostgreSQL in the United States. Through our relationship with Alten Sakai we will be able to provide monthly financial statements to our members in a reliable manner. Expect to see the first detailed statement in March.

PgUS closed out the year with ~ 10k USD. We have no outstanding payables and only one outstanding receivable. This leaves us with enough money to handle any sundry expenses through 2009 including Accounting and Legal fees.

Our community efforts included:

Our strategy with education. Part of that conversation can be found here:

Michael Brewer who is heading up that strategy will be posting an update to the website shortly.

We worked with PostgreSQL Conference, U.S. to hold West:

We presented at Northern Arizona State.

In 2009:

We will seat the four elected members of the board:

  • Richard Broersma, Jr.
  • Andrew Dunstan
  • Greg Sabino Mullane
  • Robert Treat

We will also work with PostgreSQL Conference, U.S. to hold East, West, and LFNW PgDay.

We hope to hold several free classes and seminars on PostgreSQL as well as continue an aggressive move into education. Getting students and professors to start using PostgreSQL is a key to ensuring a strong relationship with potential new community members over the long term.

We want to hear from our members. How is it that PgUS can help our members with their PostgreSQL needs? How would our members like to participate with PgUS? Are there members out there that have just been waiting for an opportunity to participate? What is that opportunity? What talents do you have and how would you like to use them?

For those who want to help but are not sure exactly how, here are some ideas:

* Drupal expertise
The PostgreSQL.US site runs on Drupal + PostgreSQL

* Speakers (PgUS will sponsor as it is able)
We are actively pursuing every speaking engagement possible. We
need more than one person to handle these engagements.

* Tutorial writers
This can be everything from how do I perform a backup with
PostgreSQL to working with Pylons and PostgreSQL.

* Community incursion
We need guerrillas to start educating other communities on a more
aggressive level and helping make sure that their postgresql
support is top knotch. An very simple example is Drupal. They have
an open issue list for Drupal 7 that is explicit to PostgreSQL.
It can be found here:

Lastly, please make note of our address change. Our new address is:

United States PostgreSQL Association
1767 12th Street
Hood River, OR 97031