1023, banking and membership

Just a quick update for everyone. I received confirmation last Friday that our excellent attorney's at DWT (http://www.dwt.com/) had filed our 1023 with the IRS. I will work on getting that up on the website shortly. Apparently the IRS still requires the 1023 to be filed via dead trees; the document is large and will need to be scanned.

We have finalized our banking situation. Our bank is http://www.sterlingsavingsbank.com/ . This bank was originally chosen because it is the only bank that has branches near my office and in Portland. There services are on par with larger banks without being a huge (such as BoFA) bank (they are not small).

We have also setup accounts with PayPal and Google Checkout. This is a temporary measure while the corporation builds a financial history. I hope to have us set up with a real merchant account shortly after the annual meeting.

As we have been working on the web site, we found a great Drupal Module called Ubercart. This has allowed us to create a very simple donation and membership procedure. It is currently integrated with Paypal (because the google checkout module needs to be ported to PostgreSQL). The integration allows a very cool feature.

UberCart has a module called roles. This module allows us to specify, this member just registered under "Professional + West" their order was successful. Thus they automatically belong to the roles pgconwest and professsional_membership and they expire in 12 months. This will allow us to keep the effort of tracking membership to a relatively low burden.

I expect to open membership sometime this week and will announce here when I do. At the same time people will be able to register for West.

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for their patience as we roll through this process. I know a lot of people are anxious for this to be done and I can assure you that I am one of them. The only thing I can offer is; all good things come in time.