Grants, the money kind

The board has been busy prepping for the 1023 filing and part of that filing is to determine how we will be providing grants to members. This is the first run of how those grants will be allocated.

Grant types:

  • There will be two types of grants:
    • General grants - General grants are those that we don't plan for. It may be for a someone to give a talk at a show or to write a HOWTO.
    • Specialized grants - Specialized grants are grants that are predetermined by the Grant committee. An example would be, "1500.00 to add X feature to PHP-PDO".


  • Grants will available to members of PgUS of Professional or Student status. (This is already determined per our membership benefits)


  • We will have a grant committee that will have a specific budget for grants.

How to apply

  • In order to apply an eligible member will have to fill out a grant application. This will happen via the website or other traditional means such as a fax. The application will require a minimum information:
    • Personal Information (Name, address etc..)
    • Grant type you are requesting
      • A Specialized grant, if so, which specialized grant.
      • A General grant
        If a General grant:
        • What are you seeking a grant for?
          • Develop a TODO item?
          • Write a HOWTO?
          • Develop a best practices document?


        • How much money are you looking for?
        • How will the money be used?
        • What is benefit to PostgreSQL should the grant be awarded?
        • What do you hope to learn or teach should the grant be awarded?