Update: Resolutions, Bylaws and Membership

It has been a little quiet on the PgUS front of late but that doesn't mean work isn't happening. We have a new feature on the website that allows anyone to view resolutions that have been brought before the board. You can view those that have passed, failed or all at once. We have also received back what we hope is the last revision of the bylaws from our attorney. Lastly we have also determined our initial member benefits and dues.

During a truncated version of the talk I gave at PDXPGDay about PgUS it was brought to our attention that we don't ask for donations or membership dues yet. That is correct! We don't. The reason is that we want to have all of our legal structure in place and the foundation for the corporation solid before we start taking money. Rest assured, we will be requesting those donations soon!

During the talk I touched on something the board is working on, grants. By being a paying member of PgUS you will have the ability to apply for grants. Some of these grants will likely be predefined (maybe complete X PostgreSQL TODO for Y dollars). Other grants will be able to be applied for in a more general manner, e.g; "I would like to develop this widget for PostgreSQL" or "I would like to write a HOWTO covering X topic on PostgreSQL". There will be a simple but formal application process and key benefits will have to be explained but I think this is likely to be one of the more interesting possibilities of being a member of PgUS.