PgUS Fall Update 2014

It has been a little quiet on the U.S. front of late. Alas, summer of 2014 has come and gone and it is time to strap on the gators and get a little muddy. Although we have been relatively quiet we have been doing some work. In 2013 the board appointed two new board members, Jonathan S. Katz and Jim Mlodgeski. We also affiliated with multiple PostgreSQL User Groups:

  • PhillyPUG
  • SeaPUG

    Through the affiliation the PUG receives non-profit status, their own bank account and the ability to accept non-profit donations specifically for their PUG. In 2014, NYCPUG did just that to become the largest donation source for United States PostgreSQL by holding PostgreSQL NYCConf, which is the largest PostgreSQL Conference in the United States. PDXPUG also had a PgDay this past month.

    We have held elections for the board through the term of 2015 - 2017. Those seats take effect in March of 2015, the winners of those seats are:

      3-year term:
    • Michael Alan Brewer
    • Jonathan S. Katz
    • Jim Mlodgenski
    • Mark Wong
      2-year term:
    • Joshua D. Drake
    • Kris Pennella
    • Robert Treat

    The staggered terms are to insure that at no point are we replacing the entire board. As a part of the election and slight reorganizing to insure proper alignment with our By-Laws, Greg Sabino Mullane and Bruce Momjian have stepped down. We wish them all the best in their future community efforts and thank them for all their years of service.

    The board is currently discussing several goals to meet by the end of the year, look for more announcements here!