PgUS: Winter Update 2011

Michael Brewer wrote:

Greetings, all! Several things to report to the community:

- I am pleased to announce that Mark Wong was appointed to the board earlier this summer and has accepted the role of Treasurer of the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS). Congratulations, Mark!

- PgUS has increased its focus in providing more support for local user groups and conferences; just in the past few months, we have provided financial support to BarcampCHS in Charleston, SC and co-sponsored PG Day 2011 in Denver, CO. This is an exciting way for us to help the Postgres community at the local level; please contact the PgUS board if you have an event for which you could use our assistance.

- To assist this focus (and to make membership more like SPI), PgUS has changed its membership policies to make them simpler and more community orientated. We have reduced the membership fees to $25 per year (professional) or $10 per year (student), and these fees may be waived by application to the PgUS membership committee by showing PostgreSQL community participation (coding, user groups, doc review, moderation, staffing booths, etc.).