Financial Support for United States PostgreSQL User Groups

JD Wrote:

As the United States PostgreSQL Association continues to grow we are extending the services we provide to our members and the PostgreSQL.Org community in the United States. I am pleased to announce that we have budgeted for 4000.00 USD to be provided to United States based PostgreSQL User Groups from September 2010 through December 2010.

Specifically the United States PostgreSQL Association is providing a lump sum pool of 1000.00 USD per month to PostgreSQL User Groups in the United States. This is a trial and will be available from September 2010 through December 2010 after which point it will be reviewed for further applicability.

In order to qualify for financial support the following must apply:

  • The User Group member requesting reimbursement must be a United States PostgreSQL Member.
  • We must have receipts provided (fax/pdf).
  • There is only 1000.00 USD available in total per calendar month. First come, first serve.
  • The reimbursement request must be pre-approved.

    If you are seeking reimbursement, email treasurer <at>

    The expenses can be for just about anything as long as it is in support of the User Group.