Building a better community part one

As one of the founders of United States PostgreSQL, I have always had a vision of where the corporation should go. Our corporation has continued to move forward and we have achieved some great things. Although it has taken longer than I expected and we are still behind from some of my goals, PostgreSQL has become one of the dominant Open Source databases in the market. By sticking to a tried, true and tested model our community has built strongholds in every sector of business from small mom-and-pops to Wall Street to the Military.

Our community is one of the best in the Open Source world. We are inviting, fun and have a brain trust that other database projects dream about. I attribute this to a couple of specific PostgreSQL quirks:

  • A goal of doing it correctly first
  • A community that truly helps each other
  • A long standing tradition of encouraging users at every level to participate
  • A respect for all walks of life

    At its heart that is what this post is about. I want us to build a better community. There are always places to improve and like every PostgreSQL release; our community evolves and hopefully becomes better.

    I am the director who initiated and championed the Diversity Scholarship program. I would like to see us raise more funds for this program. Our community and brain trust will only be stronger by encouraging all walks of life to integrate with our community.

    Our President (Robert Treat) has created the committee required for the Diversity Scholarship program and with time I expect to see a great deal of benefit from this program. We are currently funded for the scholarships at 50% of our initial goal. I am sure that with proper execution we will be able to greatly increase our budget for the these scholarships.

    I will be writing more on the subject of community building and vision in the coming months. It is my hope that bringing community building to the same level as software development will increase the penetration of our great software and build an army of advocates for the right way of doing things.

    Opinions are my own,
    Joshua D. Drake
    Founder and Director
    United States PostgreSQL