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PostgreSQL 8.4 Released!

JD wrote:

For those sleeping in PostgreSQL.org just released PostgreSQL 8.4. This is an exciting release with many new features including:

  • Parallel Database Restore, speeding up recovery from backup up to 8 times
  • Per-Column Permissions, allowing more granular control of sensitive data
  • Per-database Collation Support, making PostgreSQL more useful in multi-lingual environments
  • In-place Upgrades through pg_migrator (beta), enabling upgrades from 8.3 to 8.4 without extensive downtime

DenverPUG/PgUS meeting rescheduled

JD wrote:

The June DenverPUG meeting that I was going to attend has been rescheduled due to summer conflicts. The current anticipated date is August. Stay tuned!

501c3 Status

JD Wrote:

PgUS (http://www.postgresql.us/) received its 501c3 public charity status today. You can view the determination letter here:


Many thanks to the United States PostgreSQL community and all of our members!

Financials up

Our CPA, Alten & Sakai, has completed the financial statements from August 08 until March 31st 09. All financial statements are publicly available and will be provided on our website here. Thanks to our members and to the United States PostgreSQL Conference Series for helping us with our financial needs.

East 2008 Round Table

JD Wrote:

At PostgreSQL Conference East 2008 we had a round table with myself, Magnus Hagander, and Bruce Momjian. When we set the round table up there was a specific goal. This was not a technical round table. The purpose of this round table was for attendees to interact directly with some Major Contributors and ask questions about the community.

Can we do anything more in six months?

JD Wrote:

Approximately six months ago I gave the Keynote at PostgreSQL Conference West 08. This is not an unusual event as I normally present the keynote at each of the PostgreSQL Conference Series events. I recently uploaded the keynote to my Vimeo account so all can see and it is embedded below.

Upcoming PgUS Events

JD Wrote:

Now that the very successful PostgreSQL Conference East 09 is over it is time to start looking toward the future. We have a lot of stuff going on with various micro-pg communities around the United States. Here is my current list (things I will actually be attending on behalf of PgUS/PostgreSQL):

  • April 23rd: InnoTech Open Source Panel. I am on the panel and will be representing PgUS and SPI.
  • April 25th: PgDay Linux Fest Northwest. Organizing and Speaking at the event.

New board member seated

JD wrote:

Please join me in welcoming the four new board members to United States PostgreSQL (PgUS):

* Richard Broersma, Jr.
* Andrew Dunstan
* Greg Sabino Mullane
* Robert Treat

I look forward to moving ahead quickly now that the full board is seated.

Palamida Hot 25, featuring PostgreSQL

JD wrote:

I was recently requested to present at a Webinar about the Hot 25 Open Source projects. I presented for about 15 minutes (about 14 minute in) on PostgreSQL. You can view and listen below.

PgUS Update 02/19/09

Joshua Drake wrote:

United States PostgreSQL members,

I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know what is going on with our little non profit.

* New board
* Volunteers needed
* Upcoming events
* Finances update

In the next six weeks or so we will be seating the four new board members. As a reminder these are:

* Richard Broersma, Jr.
* Andrew Dunstan
* Greg Sabino Mullane
* Robert Treat

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