Autonomous employment

Did you know that there is not a single major contributor to PostgreSQL that is not paid to be a contributor to the project?

There is nothing wrong with that. I would argue that it is a sign of a healthy project. However, it does come with downsides. The most important one being that no matter how autonomous your employer says that your work is, at any point your priorities are driven by what is best for the company. That means, it is driven by profit. If the work being done is not going to lend itself to the bottom line of the sponsoring company, those priorities may change.

Enter autonomous employment

Did you know that if every follower of the @postgresql account on twitter were to donate 10.00/month, PgUS could fully sponsor 4 full time engineers and 1 full time project manager for the project. Their goal? To maintain and enhance PostgreSQL for the public good.

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Joshua D. Drake