An evening with PostgreSQL and Sponsoring LFNW

JD wrote:

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at Bellingham Linux User Group with a talk entitled: An Evening with PostgreSQL. It was an enlightening talk for me because it was the first time, in a long time, that I have spoke to a non-postgresql community. Most of the people in attendance were Linux Users of course but also a few Mongo as well as MySQL users. I was asked questions such as, "Why would I use PostgreSQL over MySQL?". To be honest, I didn't even realize that was still a question but it opens up a huge advocacy opportunity.

PostgreSQL as a community is growing so fast that it seems we forget that there is a whole legacy community out there that is perfectly happy with inferior product. That community is probably our most significant pool of growth available. It is all about the education! I did receive good remarks on the talk and I hope to speak there again. I encourage the rest of our community to start reaching out to communities that we may be neglecting.

The other opportunity that was presented while at BLUG was LinuxFest Northwest. Apparently, BLUG and LFNW are operated by the same community and non-profit. I attended the organizational meeting for LFNW the next week and PgUS has secured a full PostgreSQL track at LFNW. This will be at least one full day (possibly two) PostgreSQL talks held in April after PgConf.US. It is the perfect time for those to get in one last conference before the summer hits and we are all too busy hitting the mountains or "insert recreational activity here". Lastly, the PgUS board has decided to Gold Sponsor this event. It is a reasonably large event (1500 people) and should provide some great exposure for our community.

Lastly, PgUS has also voted to submit a request for designs from This is in an effort to get a modern website design in place to help further our cause!

The slides can be found here: